"Transformation" In The News

Transformation Project is here to share transgender rights news to help you stay informed of matters that may affect your rights.

Transformation Project Coverage in South Dakota Newspapers

Eye on KELOLAND: Nonprofit Empowering Transgender Youths

Max Hofer, January 9, 2020



'I know who I want to be': Nonprofit for Transgender Youth Launches in South Dakota

Argus Leader, Trevor J. Mitchell, October 25, 2019



Transgender Young People in South Dakota Will Have New Nonprofit to Turn to for Help

Argus Leader, Lisa Kaczke, October 23, 2019.





Transformation Project Launches to Defend Young Transgender South Dakotans

Dakota Free Press, Cory Allen Heidelberger, September 3, 2019


Legislation Affecting Transgender Youth

How a Biden Presidency Could Advance Transgender Rights - and Lead to Backlash 

Washington Post, Samantha Schmidt and Emily Wax Thibodeaux, November 17, 2020


In South Dakota, A Budding Transgender Movement is Taking on Conservative Lawmakers — And Winning

Argus Leader, Emily Wax Thibodeaux, February 10, 2020


In South Dakota, Trans Youth Just Want Health Care and Peace. Politicians Are Making That Difficult.

NBC News, Ben Kesslen, Februrary 9, 2020


More Than 600 Bills Could Shape the Future for Queer Americans This Year

New Now Next, Kate Sosin, February 6, 2020



8 States Are Trying to Make the Medical Treatment of Trans Kids a Crime

Vice, Nico Lang, February 5, 2020



Protest of Legislature's Transgender Bills Scheduled in Sioux Falls

Argus Leader, Trevor Mitchell, February 1, 2020



Bills Like South Dakota’s Are Based On Myths About Trans Health Care. Here Are The Facts.

Bustle, Jo Yurcaba, January 29, 2020



Doctors Could Face Criminal Charges for Treating Transgender Teens

New York Times, Julie Bosman and Mitch Smith, January 27, 2020



A New Bill Would Make It A Felony To Provide Gender-Affirming Care To Trans Youth

Bustle, Jo Yurcaba, January 22, 2020



Why Some Fear South Dakota's Transgender Bill Will Hurt Kids

Argus Leader, Trevor Mitchell, January 22, 2020