Transgender South Dakotans deserve better. Far too many transgender youth and young adults in our state and region have faced misunderstanding, hostility, and outright discrimination simply because of who they are. This has created a climate where kids live in fear of being their true selves, where parents desperate for community are increasingly isolated, and where vulnerable people feel powerless. We are determined to change that and turn our home into a place where communities embrace their transgender neighbors, where every family has a support network, and where transgender kids can live safely and authentically. Our vision is one where every young person knows they are loved, valued, and empowered to make their dreams come true.




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"The parent group has given me strength. The strength of community.  Knowing I am not alone. Strength in shared and combined resources, information, access to experts, and old fashioned school of hard knocks. Strength of a secure place to practice my voice, and the support to go use it in aide of our children."

-J, Yankton, SD

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Our mission is to support and empower transgender youth, young adults, and their families while educating communities in SD and the surrounding region about gender identity and expression.