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The SD Trans Resilience Fund

The SD Trans Resilience Fund is an emergency fund that provides direct financial assistance to trans folks in South Dakota to receive the care they need.

This fund provides:

  • Gas Cards, pre-paid hotel stays or van transport from Transformation Project for families with    transgender minors traveling out of state for gender-affirming medical care

  • Bus passes for homeless transgender individuals with no transportation within South Dakota

  • $50 Gift Cards for gender-affirming undergarments for transgender South Dakotans


This fund does not cover medical expenses. 

We are now offering grants from the SD Trans Resilience Fund to transgender folks and their families who have gender affirming care appointments out of state.

If you are interested in receiving assistance to travel to your appointment, please contact Maisy with the email address below to verify eligibility and to receive funds.

Apply for a Grant from the SD Trans Resilience Fund

According to the Human Rights Campaign 30% of Trans youth live in states that have passed bans on gender affirming care. South Dakota is one of those states. When trans people, especially trans youth, don’t get the care they need, it increases the risk for depression, anxiety, and self harm. This care isn’t just gender affirming care, it’s life saving. 

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