The Transformation Project has multiple opportunities for service!  Our entire organization is volunteer run and we always have room for more people to serve!


Our Youth Mentors meet with their mentee once a month for 2-3 hours at a time to do something fun!  Mentors are trained and are also given a list of suggestions that their mentee would enjoy! Mentors are paired with their mentees as following:

-Female mentors are assigned to a youth assigned male at birth who identifies as female.  

-Non-Binary mentors are assigned to a youth who identifies as Non-Binary.

-Male mentors are assigned to a youth assigned female at birth who identifies as male.



Join us as we have our first ever Pride Float in 2020!  Help us decorate the float or just ride the float or walk alongside!  



Chaperone our youth on a fun community-building outing! We will have several chaperones per outing for kids grades 6-12. This opportunity will be 3 hours per month!



Host a playgroup at your home or at a park for parents with trans kids up through 5th grade. Just provide the place to play/hang out and provide the snacks and drinks! This opportunity is just 3 hours a month!



Provide childcare as a service to parents attending our support group! This opportunity is 3 hours a month providing childcare to babies and toddlers!



Teach our youth a skill!  Do you have a skill you would be willing to teach the kids? The trans youth of SD will love learning from you while their parents attend support group! This opportunity is only required one time for 3 hours! Unless you are super-skilled then come back!  


Love being organized? Help us in office with mailings and data entry. This opportunity is 1-2 hours per week!